Every day, older adults are diagnosed with chronic health conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Your parents can lower their risk of each of these by embracing these nine healthy habits. Homecare services can help the adhere to these habits.

Eat a Balanced Diet Prepared by Homecare Aides

Homecare Plum Boro PA - Healthy Habits Your Parents Need to Embrace with Homecare Help

Homecare Plum Boro PA – Healthy Habits Your Parents Need to Embrace with Homecare Help

Eating a balanced diet is the most important step you can take. If you’re fueling your body with the proper nutrients, it helps every part of your system work effectively. With the right nutrients, your muscles and cells heal, your bones stay strong, your immune system fights illnesses, and your organs remain strong.

This means eating many fresh fruits and vegetables, sticking to whole grains and avoiding processed ones, and sticking to lean proteins. Antioxidants, fiber, calcium, and healthy fats are all essential parts of a diet.

Exercise Each Day

Get a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise every day. A brisk walk at a rate of 3.5 miles per hour or higher is an excellent form of exercise. Swimming, fitness classes like Yoga, and weight training are also perfect ways to tone the muscles and help the heart and brain stay healthy.

Find a Hobby

In addition to having physical exercise, you need to keep the brain exercised. A hobby is a fun way to do this. Get your parents interested in something new that challenges them while they’re learning how to do it. Popular hobbies include knitting, gardening, and putting together models.

Get Enough Sleep

Your parents need to aim for seven to eight hours of sleep each night. They’ll improve the odds of getting a good night’s sleep by avoiding beverages right before bedtime and putting on white noise to help block out distracting noises while they sleep.

Keep Vaccinations Up-to-Date

Your parents need to get their vaccinations updated if any boosters are due. They should also discuss new vaccinations with their doctor. If they haven’t had some of the newer vaccines like COVID-19, pneumonia, or shingles, they need to discuss the protection these shots offer.

Learn Proper Portion Sizes

While eating a balanced diet is good, your parents also need to learn how to choose proper portions. Over time, portion sizes have increased to unhealthy levels. Your parents need to remember a portion of beef, chicken, or pork is equivalent to a deck of cards. A half-cup or cup of rice or pasta is often the recommended serving size.

Stop Smoking

If your mom or dad smokes, they need to quit. Quitting smoking can help lower the risk of many of these chronic conditions. It also reduces the risk of gum disease.

Take Care of Your Teeth

Brushing their teeth twice a day, flossing daily, and rinsing with a fluoride mouthwash are all ways to keep their teeth healthy. Your parents also need to go for professional cleanings with their dentist at least twice a year.

Visit a Doctor Each Year and Have Homecare Aides do the Driving

If your parents need a ride to their doctor or dentist, don’t forget that homecare aides can do this. You don’t have to take another day off work. Let a homecare aide drive your parents to their doctors and dentists. Call to learn more.

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Nicole Kelly, Branch Administrator