The first step in fighting back against the stresses you’re facing is to name those stressors and do something about them. These ideas can help you narrow down some actions. Bringing in pediatric home health care services could assist in reducing the stress.

Balancing Work and Home

Pediatric Home Health Care Fox Chapel PA - Pediatric Home Health Care: Causes of Stress for a Parent to a Special Needs Child

Pediatric Home Health Care Fox Chapel PA – Pediatric Home Health Care: Causes of Stress for a Parent to a Special Needs Child

Balancing work and home life is difficult for most people, but it is especially challenging when you have a special needs child at home. You may want to be there with your child more often than you’re able to, but not working is almost never an option. Talk to your employer about what types of assistance they can provide you with to help you with balancing everything. Telecommuting is one option, but there may be others you’re not aware of just yet.

Family Relationships

If you’ve got other kids at home, you want to spend time with them, too. Then there’s the relationship with your spouse and even with extended family members. There’s no easy way to be able to spend time with everyone that you love as often as you want to do so. Instead, there’s a lot of juggling you might be doing. Focus on the quality of the time you spend with the people you love rather than the quantity.

Not Knowing What to Do

Children with special needs are a big responsibility and this can all be new to you. Make sure that you’re asking questions of your child’s doctor and learning as much as you possibly can. Support groups can be a fantastic source of information as can pediatric home health care providers. They have hands-on experience with a variety of situations and they can walk you through new concerns you might have.

Having Time for Yourself with Pediatric Home Health Care Support

With all of the other demands on your time and your energy, chances are very good that you’re not doing much for yourself. Most caregivers don’t realize that this contributes greatly to their stress levels because they can’t be “on” all the time with no breaks. Find a way to carve out some time during which you’re only focused on what you need and want. Everything else will still be there when you’re done.

Finding solutions for the different situations that create stress for you as a parent to a special needs child means that you need to sit down and identify those situations first. Once you do that effectively, you can start to build in routines that naturally lower your stress levels as much as possible.

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Nicole Kelly, Branch Administrator