The elderly have an increased need for social interactions as they age. Their social life directly correlates to their physical health. One of the most common sources of social interactions for seniors is the environment they are used to. If your parent is in need of some social time, here are some tips on how you and their elder care aides can help them establish a social life.

1. Find Them a Social Group

Elder Care Murrysville PA - Elder Care: How to Help Your Parent with Their Social Life

Elder Care Murrysville PA – Elder Care: How to Help Your Parent with Their Social Life

The best way to get your parent out of the house and interacting with people is to find them a social group. Many of the social groups for seniors are organized by churches, synagogues, and other religious organizations. If you are not a member of a religious institution, you can still find many social groups for seniors in the community. It is best to find a group that is close to your parent’s interests.

2. Introduce Them to Some Friends

If you do not have a parent that is involved in any social groups, it can be hard to get them to go out. If you know any friend of yours that your parent would get along with, introduce them. You could invite them on a double date, or you could invite them to your house for a dinner party. If you are not close to any friends of yours, try going to some community events.

3. Help Them Make Friends Online

Online social interactions are a great way for seniors to keep in touch with friends. There are many social media sites for seniors. Many seniors enjoy Facebook, but others enjoy Twitter or even Instagram. If your parent is not a big fan of technology, you can always help them set up a website or blog.

4. Join a Senior Center

Another way to meet people is to join a senior center. Most cities have a senior center where seniors can go to socialize. Even if your parent does not have any interest in the activities at the center, they can meet other people who are also new to the area.

5. You and Their Elder Care Aides Should be Good Listeners

You can help your parent by listening to his or her stories. Your parent has a lot of good stories to tell. But they do not have anyone to tell them to. Listen to your parent’s stories and ask them if there is anything you can do.

Help Your Parent Make Friends

Socializing is hard for elderly people, especially if they do not have friends or family nearby. Elder care providers can help your parent by taking them to places where other people are. For example, the movies, for a walk in the park, or to a local restaurant where people go to socialize after their meal.

Have Elder Care Services Participate

One of the most important parts of helping your parents is ensuring that they have a social life. Make sure that your parents have the right elder care services. This will help your parents to remain independent and will allow them to be comfortable in their own home and maintain their social life. Call us today and explore your options for elder care services!

If you or a loved one are considering Elder Care Services in Murrysville PA, please call and talk to the caring staff at Extended Family Care of Pittsburgh at (412) 693-6009. We will answer all of your questions.

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