Easy Lifestyle Changes That Help Seniors Manage Diabetes

According to the American Diabetes Association, almost 30% of all seniors in the US have diabetes, and that number could be much higher. Many seniors could have diabetes or pre-diabetes and not know it yet. If your senior loved one has diabetes managing the disease with lifestyle choices is just as important as using medication to stabilize their blood sugar. But, seniors often have trouble managing their diabetes. In-home care services can help seniors manage their diabetes by helping seniors eat healthy meals and take their medications on time. However, in-home care works best when it’s combined with your senior loved one making some lifestyle changes.

Work on these easy lifestyle changes with your senior loved one and their in-home care providers to help them manage their diabetes:

Move Every Day

In-Home Care Fox Chapel PA - Easy Lifestyle Changes That Help Seniors Manage Diabetes

In-Home Care Fox Chapel PA – Easy Lifestyle Changes That Help Seniors Manage Diabetes

Exercise is important for everyone, but exercise is essential for seniors. Many health conditions including diabetes can be managed more effectively when seniors are active. Activity could be the key to better physical and mental health for seniors. Many seniors can’t do strenuous workouts because of problems with mobility or chronic pain. But any exercise is better than no exercise. That means even simple daily walks around the neighborhood can make a big difference. So park the car at the furthest parking spot and walk a longer distance to the store. Join a senior walking club. Seniors also can try other types of exercise designed for seniors like senior yoga, Tai Chi, and swimming classes that are created for seniors and those with limited mobility.

Choose The Right Carbs

Human bodies need carbohydrates. Carbs are fuel for the body, especially for the brain. But seniors should pay more attention to the type of carbs they are eating. Carbs that come from fruits and vegetables are better than carbs from heavily processed bread or pasta. Seniors should try to get the bulk of the carbs that they eat from fresh vegetables and fruits rather than sugary or starchy processed foods.

Get More Sleep

Many seniors aren’t getting enough sleep at night. Most experts recommend that seniors get at least eight hours of sleep, but seniors could benefit from more sleep. If your senior loved one isn’t sleeping as much as they should work with them to figure out why. There are lots of solutions for sleep problems if your senior loved one is willing to make some changes. You can help your senior parent get more sleep by making sure they have good bedding and a comfortable room. 24-hour care can also help seniors sleep better.

Focus On Relaxation

Stress can have a big impact on the body, including raising blood sugar. Seniors can lower stress and anxiety with breathing techniques, meditation, having a pet, and many other things. Help your senior loved one find better ways to lower their stress levels and you will be helping them learn to manage their diabetes better. You may even learn how to lower your stress levels in the process.

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