Low-Impact Exercises for Your Loved One

If your senior mom or dad is focused on anything like heart health, fall prevention, and maintaining weight, it will be crucial for them to find low-impact exercises. This does not mean they are less effective; low-impact means it is easier on their bodies and joints. Just because they’re not feeling the strain after a workout doesn’t mean it’s less effective. If your loved one has companion care at home providers they can work with your senior to encourage them to exercise.

If you or companion care at home has been looking for a way to encourage an elderly loved one to work out, here are some low-impact exercises that anyone with any budget can do.

Indoor Cycling

Companion Care at Home Pittsburgh PA - Low-Impact Exercises for Your Loved One

Companion Care at Home Pittsburgh PA – Low-Impact Exercises for Your Loved One

Maybe your mom or dad used to cycle outside; they don’t have to give this up; they just have to alter the method they do. Instead of going out without anyone watching to ride a bike, they can set up a bike indoors or go to the gym to enjoy an indoor bike. There are benefits to riding a stationary bike inside. Most gyms are cool enough for seniors to work out in the summer, and many people will be around if anything happens to your loved one. They can also work with a professional who can properly teach them how to use the gym equipment.

Walking On The Treadmill

Your senior can use the treadmill for an easy walk, which can be easier for your loved one. Your seniors can walk outside for free, but it can be difficult on their joints. In addition, a senior may have to work harder to push their body forward while walking outside, which can lead to stress on the body. Walking on a treadmill can be easier on the joints and less jarring on the body.

Hop On The Elliptical

If your senior has bad knees, they may not want to get on the treadmill, and that is okay. Luckily, there are many other options, and one great option is the elliptical. This is very easy on all joints and can be better for a senior’s knees. The nice thing about using this equipment is that there are handles, and it can help a senior stay stabilized. Unfortunately, these can be expensive to place in a home and too heavy to move around a home. This exercise is best done at a gym where there is supervision. If your loved one needs help getting to the gym, this is something that companion care at home can help with. They are professionals who can provide non-emergency transportation.

Go Swimming

Your senior may live next to a community center or a gym that offers various classes. One class they should consider is swimming lessons or even water aerobics. If your senior was a swimmer growing up, they may love this activity. There will also be an instructor or lifeguard on duty to ensure your senior’s safety which can help you feel confident and comfortable with your loved one going out.

If your loved one doesn’t know what activity they should be doing, this is when a doctor should be consulted. They may know what a senior should avoid and what they should be doing. Not all seniors can handle the same workouts, but many will benefit from finding the right low-impact exercises.

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