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What Does Glycemic Index Mean?

If your parent is diabetic, you have probably heard the term “glycemic index” during discussions about healthy eating. However, it’s not a term that’s used in everyday conversation, so you may not be familiar with what it is and why it is important for managing your parent’s condition. Having a good understanding of the glycemic index and how to use it can help you and your parent to plan healthy meals that keep blood sugar levels under control. Measuring Carbohydrates The glycemic index ... Read more

Tips for Helping Your Elderly Parent Lose Weight

As people age, losing weight may become more difficult due to a slower metabolism and physical changes that make exercise more difficult. In addition, some people have a mindset that gaining weight is just part of getting older. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is important at any age, though. If your parent is overweight, shedding those excess pounds could help them to lower their blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart attack, and even reduce the risk of dementia. Even ... Read more

Extended Family Care Attends St. Peter’s Job Fair in Allentown

On June 20, 2017 Extended Family Care attended the Greater Allentown Community Job Fair with over twenty other employers in the Allentown area who are currently seeking qualified job applicants.  The event was held at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Allentown, Pennsylvania. “The job fair was a huge success”, stated Carole Chiego, Administrator of Extended Family Care, Allentown.  “We were able to recruit several quality employees and made valuable community contacts with numerous companies within the area”, she continued.  Reliant Hiring sponsored ... Read more

Common Problems Adult Children Run Into When Mom Ages at Home

Mom wants to age at home, but you're having mixed thoughts. You want her to be happy, but you worry about her being alone every day. Here are the most common problems adult children face when it comes to a parent aging at home. Transportation Problems Arise As your mom ages, there will come a time when she can no longer safely drive herself to stores, appointments, or friends' houses. You'll have to arrange transportation for her or take time off of work ... Read more


Central Star Home Health Services in Mansfield Ohio is pleased to report the birth of Kashton Paul Banks.  Kaston arrived on the morning of April 10th, 2017 at Avita Health Systems-Galion. He was a healthy 6 pounds, 6 ounces and was 18 ¾ inches long.  Kashton is the son of Elaina Banks who has worked as the Human Resources/Payroll Coordinator at Central Star for over two years. Elaina reported having received “star treatment” from the staff at Avita stating “All the staff ... Read more

Glaucoma and your Aging Parent

If your parent has received a recent diagnosis of glaucoma, they may fear eventual loss of vision or may be already experiencing its effects. Glaucoma can, without appropriate early diagnosis and treatment, cause peripheral loss of vision and eventual blindness. Fortunately, with current medications, this devastating result can often be avoided. What is Glaucoma? Glaucoma is actually a group of eye diseases that are often caused by a build-up of fluid in the eye which ultimately damages the optic nerve.  Glaucoma rarely offers ... Read more

National Arthritis Awareness Month

May brings us National Arthritis Awareness Month. This prevalent disease affects more than 50 million Americans, and it is the number one cause of disability. 57 percent of adults with heart disease and 52 percent of adults with diabetes also have arthritis. Signs Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis among the elderly. It causes degeneration of the cartilage that lines the joints and can eventually result in bone rubbing against bone. Signs that it may be developing include early morning stiffness, ... Read more

How Can You Cope with an Elderly Loved One Who Likes to Fight?

If your elderly loved one is fond of arguing, normal conversations can quickly get out of hand. Here are some ideas for bringing the situation back to a normal level. Take a Deep Breath You need to have a moment before you deal with the next installment from a loved one who likes to fight. Also, the oxygen helps your brain function so that you don't say something that instigates a worse situation. You might need more than one deep breath, so take ... Read more

How Is Your Diet as a Family Caregiver?

As a family caregiver, you may have discovered that time is of the essence. You simply don’t have a lot of it anymore. You may be dealing with a tremendous amount of stress. Caregiver stress can affect people all over the world. In fact, out of the estimated 44 million family caregivers in the United States right now, the vast majority of them are probably dealing with some level of stress as a direct result of this job. It can affect every aspect ... Read more

Caring for a Parent Undergoing Chemotherapy

Elder Care in Columbia PA The effects of chemotherapy can range from nausea to neuropathy—nerve damage that occurs in the feet, hands, legs, or arms. Neuropathy can lead to pain, tingling, and numbness. Additional side-effects may include hair loss, and mouth sores. As a family caregiver, there are several steps you can take to help your parent as they traverse through their treatment protocol.   Nausea You can help your parent with nausea by suggesting a few tips that those that have traveled down this ... Read more
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