In Home Rehabilitation

This man is recovering from knee surgery.
The professionals at Star Multi Care Services and subsidiaries offer a variety of in-home rehabilitation services in the comfort of your home, leaving behind the impersonal, clinical feel of a nursing or rehabilitation facility.

Aiming for Patient Independence

Our state licensed professional rehabilitation team includes physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists who work closely with patients recovering from various procedures, including back, spinal cord and brain injuries, hip and knee replacements, complex fractures, neurological disorders and many other types of health issues. Our professional staff will assist families and take every step necessary to ensure that the patient returns to as full and productive a life as possible.

Professional Rehabilitation Assistance in Your Home

Our rehabilitative services include physical, occupational and speech therapists. While physical therapists focus on therapeutic exercise, balance activities and ambulation training to assist the patient in regaining functional mobility and gross motor skills, occupational therapists assist patients with daily living routines. Speech therapists provide patients with assistance in the production and understanding of speech, as well as facilitating communication skills. Focusing on fine motor, cognitive, perceptual and sensory exercises and tasks, therapists train patients in regaining a sense of normalcy.

At Star Multi Care, it is our belief that the benefits of in-home rehabilitation therapy reach far beyond a clinical environment. In the home, a therapist is able to assess the patient’s personal environment. At the same time, home therapy allows the patient’s family members, friends and neighbors to play a vital role in everyday activities and continuously provide the encouragement necessary for a successful recovery.

Our home health experts will be glad to discuss your at home rehabilitation needs and develop a personalized plan for you or someone for whom you are responsible.