Reasons Why Seniors Need Home Health Care In The Winter

Seniors who have medical conditions that need to be managed can really struggle to get the care they need in the winter. Hospitals, ERs, and even doctor’s offices become more crowded with people who have the flu or other illnesses. It can be difficult to get appointments. But seniors with home health care providers can rely on getting the care they need from a dedicated and experienced practitioner.

Home health care makes it easier for seniors to manage their chronic medical conditions and bypass potential dangers and hassles like:

Home Health Care Manheim PA - Reasons Why Seniors Need Home Health Care In The Winter

Home Health Care Manheim PA – Reasons Why Seniors Need Home Health Care In The Winter

Risk Of Illness

There’s a very real risk of seniors catching the flu, Covid-19, or other illnesses if they need to wait around in a doctor’s office for an appointment to get care. Seniors may actually get sicker when they go to get care for an existing medical condition. When seniors have home health care they won’t need to worry about catching other illnesses while they are trying to get care for the conditions they have.

Transportation Problems

For seniors getting to the doctor can be a problem even in good weather. Seniors that don’t drive, seniors that use supplemental oxygen and need to take a tank with them, or seniors that use adaptive devices like walkers or wheelchairs can face a lot of transportation issues trying to get to the doctor. Family members may need to take PTO in order to take them to the doctor. And if their family members don’t get PTO it can be even more difficult to find a way to get the doctor. But with home health care seniors have no transportation hassles because they can get care at home.

Having To Go Out In Bad Weather

In the winter it can be downright dangerous for seniors that are battling medical conditions to go out in the cold and snow or rain. Seniors with asthma, COPD, or lung problems often really struggle to breathe when they have to go out in the frosty cold air. It can be detrimental for seniors to have to go out to get care for routine or chronic conditions. That’s why having home health care is such a great option for seniors. Getting the monitoring and care they would get at the doctor’s office in the comfort and safety of their home is the best way to keep seniors healthy all winter.

No Rushed Care

Seniors often are only able to see their doctor for a few minutes if they go to appointments at the medical center or the office. As a result of those short appointment times seniors may not always get the most consistent care. But when seniors have home health care their caregiver can provide consistent care and be on the lookout for any signs that their condition has changed. Often when seniors have medical changes they are subtle and doctors who don’t often spend time with those seniors may miss those small changes. But a skilled caregiver won’t miss them and can let the doctor know about them to make sure that your senior parent gets the right care.

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