Can Seniors Live At Home With Serious Medical Conditions?

There’s no question that most seniors want to live at home as they get older. Moving at any age is tough, but it can be toughest for seniors to leave behind their family memories and trade in the comfort of their homes for another type of living situation. But seniors and their families often wonder if it’s even possible for seniors to stay at home safely if they have serious medical conditions. It depends on the condition and the severity but in most cases with the right support, like 24-hour home care providers, seniors can stay at home even if they have challenging medical conditions.

Seniors that have had a stroke or a heart attack, seniors with diseases like ALS, debilitating conditions like COPD, and even seniors with Alzheimer’s can often remain comfortably at home if they have 24-hour home care. With 24-hour home care seniors won’t be alone at any time of the day or night so they and their families don’t have to worry about them being alone.

Some of the benefits of 24-hour home care for seniors with medical conditions are:

Around The Clock Supervision

24-Hour Home Care Columbia OH - Can Seniors Live At Home With Serious Medical Conditions?

24-Hour Home Care Columbia OH – Can Seniors Live At Home With Serious Medical Conditions?

Seniors who have medical conditions may feel nervous being at home alone. Often seniors who are living at home with medical conditions feel anxious at night because they worry about being alone in the home. But with 24-hour home care seniors are never alone. That can alleviate a lot of anxiety for seniors. With 24-hour supervision from a home care provider seniors will have help on-site to make sure that they have healthy meals, can get to the bathroom and back, and take their medications on time no matter what time of day it is.

Emergency Help

The biggest fear that seniors have is that they will fall or suffer a medical event and they won’t be able to call for help. But with 24-hour home care seniors will always have someone in the home with them who is awake, alert, and ready to jump into action if needed. A caregiver can call for emergency help, make sure that seniors get the care they need, and let the family members know that they need to know. If an emergency happens seniors won’t have to face it alone and they won’t be left without any way to contact help.

Help Maintaining The House

Seniors who want to stay at home but have medical conditions may worry that they won’t be able to maintain the house properly and keep up with the chores. But with a home caregiver seniors will have the clean and tidy house they need to live safely and comfortably. A caregiver can help with basic housekeeping, vacuuming, laundry, dishes, and other tasks that need to be done on a regular basis to keep the house clean and sanitary. Caregivers can also help with shopping and errands, cooking meals, and other house projects and tasks.

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