Types Of At Home Therapy That Help Seniors Thrive

Seniors aging in place can take advantage of many different types of therapy to maintain their health and independence. There are a lot of therapists that offer in home therapy for seniors so that seniors who have difficulty getting to medical appointments or need a little extra support can still get the help they need. But, they can get that help in the comfort and security of their own homes. These types of therapy may include speech therapy, physical therapy, art therapy, or occupational therapy.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Lebanon PA - Types Of At Home Therapy That Help Seniors Thrive

Speech Therapy Lebanon PA – Types Of At Home Therapy That Help Seniors Thrive

It’s quite common for seniors who have had a stroke or a mini-stroke to need speech therapy in order to regain their ability to communicate fully. Speech therapy can also help seniors who have had some type of cancer that impacted their vocal cords and their ability to speak. And seniors with medical conditions like Parkinson’s can also take advantage of speech therapy to help them retain their language skills as the disease progresses. Seniors can get speech therapy from a qualified speech therapist that specializes in working with seniors at home.

Physical Therapy

After a fall seniors routinely need physical therapy to help regain their mobility. But seniors who have other challenges can benefit from physical therapy too. Physical therapy works to increase a senior’s ability to move freely through targeted exercises that improve muscle control and muscle strength, flexibility, and strength. After a long illness or after an injury a senior parent can regain lost mobility or improve their current mobility by performing exercises recommended by a trained physical therapist. Physical therapy at home is a great way for seniors to get the care they need without the difficulties of getting to medical appointments.

Art Therapy

Seniors can use art and music therapy to help them find a sense of purpose, cultivate a positive outlook, and manage the symptoms of mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. Art and music therapy can also be very beneficial for seniors that have Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Seniors with Alzheimer’s in particular find that music therapy can significantly improve their ability to retain their cognitive skills. Music and art therapy at home can enhance a senior’s quality of life as well as help them keep their brains strong.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy involves a lot of exercises that help seniors improve things like grip strength and the ability to use their hands, fingers, arms, and feet. By performing occupational therapy exercises at home seniors have a good chance to stay strong and able to take care of themselves for a longer period of time. As seniors get older it’s natural for them to lose some of their reflexive ability and range of motion, but occupational therapy can help seniors maintain the use of their limbs for as long as possible.

If your senior loved one has trouble getting out to medical appointments but could benefit from one of these types of therapy call our local home care agency today to find out more about the different types of therapies available.

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