Tips To Help Seniors Manage Parkinson’s Disease At Home

Seniors who have Parkinson’s disease may benefit from skilled nursing care at home services. When seniors that have Parkinson’s disease have skilled nursing care at home it can make life easier for them and their families. And having skilled nursing care at home means that seniors who have Parkinson’s can get the support they need to hang onto their mobility and flexibility as long as possible by doing physical exercises and movement therapy.

Some of the other things that family members and skilled nursing care can do to help a senior with Parkinson’s manage it at home include:

Eliminate All Potential Hazards

Skilled Nursing Care Ephrata PA - Tips To Help Seniors Manage Parkinson’s Disease At Home

Skilled Nursing Care Ephrata PA – Tips To Help Seniors Manage Parkinson’s Disease At Home

As your senior parent’s Parkinson’s progresses they will likely have much more trouble getting around. They may be dizzy or suffer from poor balance. To lower the risk that your senior parent will fall as they try to get around the house it’s important to go through the house and remove any potential hazards that could contribute to them falling. That means getting rid of area rugs, any furniture that clutters up the rooms, and clutter that can be in the way when your senior parent is trying to get around.

It’s a good idea to install wall-to-wall carpeting if possible. And you might want to think about having handrails or grab bars installed in hallways and around the house so that if your senior loved one gets dizzy or loses their balance they have something to hold onto.

Focus On Mobility

Parkinson’s can impair a senior’s mobility, but there is a range of physical exercises that seniors can do to hold onto their mobility and flexibility as long as possible. Skilled nursing care can help seniors perform exercises that are designed to help seniors improve their muscle strength and flexibility so that they can stay mobile for as long as possible. It’s also important for seniors to get daily physical activity for as long as they can. Seniors who make physical activity a priority before their Parkinson’s progresses too far often are able to stay mobile longer than seniors who don’t.

Help Seniors Develop New Hobbies And Interests

As the disease progresses your senior parent may not be able to do the activities and hobbies that they used to enjoy. That can cause seniors to become depressed or ready to give up. Helping your senior parent find new hobbies and activities that they can do will give them a sense of purpose and something to keep them busy and engaged. There are often activities related to their former hobbies that they can still do and that may interest them.

Speech Therapy Through Skilled Nursing Care Services

One of the symptoms of Parkinson’s is a diminished capacity for speech. Seniors who have speech therapy starting soon after diagnosis may be able to strengthen their vocal cords and throat muscles so that they can maintain their ability to speak longer. Enroll your senior loved one in speech therapy as soon as possible so that they may be able to hang onto their speech for longer.

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