In the realm of home care support services, most of the conversations involve elderly individuals. As people get older, they will face increasing challenges in life. Some of those challenges can be physical, medical, or emotional.


Home Care in Pennsylvania: Yes, a Disabled Adult Can Benefit from Various Home Care Options

Yet, home care options are not just reserved for the elderly. They can also be available to disabled adults. There can be a number of reasons why a person is disabled. It could be due to a medical issue, accident, or health emergency.

Age isn’t the main factor.

While we often talk about seniors when it comes to home care options, age is not the only factor. Yes, it’s the most common factor because the vast majority of clients relying on home care support services are seniors. However, there are also tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of people all across the country who may have some type of disability and require physical support from time to time.

A younger adult may be involved in an accident and suffered serious injuries. As a result of those injuries, it might take several weeks or even months to recover. During that recovery time, they may require some type of assistance for mobility, getting out of bed, and even with physical therapy and other medically related aspects.

Determine the needs of the individual.

If you’re loved one of a disabled adult, it’s important that you determine the needs of this individual. What type of help do they require every day? If it is minimal and a family member can provide that assistance, that’s fine. If it’s more extensive and it puts that family member at a disadvantage, a home care aide or other support services may be necessary.

Understand their desires.

No matter how severely disabled the adult is, they should still be able to determine what type of support and how much they receive.

What are their desires? What do they want to do? If there are things they wish to pursue but can’t do it at the moment because they don’t have the right physical support, a home care aide may be able to provide them that assistance.

Understand family limitations.

Every family has its limits. If a parent is taking care of an adult child, for example, they may not have enough time to devote to that individual. When a family is limited in their time, they need to explore and understand home care options as best as they can.

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